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New XTerm package, independent from X.Org, in experimental.

        Hello, dear developers.

        In the XSF we are trying to prepare for the upcoming release of X.Org 
6.9/7.0. Apart from the tremendous effort that David Nusinow is putting in 
the experimental packages for 6.9, we are going to finally deactivate xterm 
building in the 6.9 tree.

        For all of you that do not know, XTerm has been developed since 9 
years ago or so by Thomas Dickey, apart from the XFree86 tree, as a set of 
patches. Even now that XFree86 and X.Org have different trees, both merge 
periodically with Thomas in order to have latest xterm.

        Given that XTerm has had a completely independent codebase since 
several years ago, it is a perfect candidate to be splitted from the tree. 
The amount of surgery was very small. :-)

        I have just uploaded xterm_204-0pre1 to experimental. This release 
fixes also several bugs in the alternatives system for x-terminal-emulator. 
Also it fixes the mess in /etc/alternatives on install and purge.

        The most prominent changes are that I dropped those pesky /usr/X11R6/* 
dirs and that xterm is now compiled with 256-colour support. xterm is now 
installed in /usr/bin, the manpages in /usr/share/man, and so on.

        Before anyone speaks, there are several things remaining in the 

- The copyright note is yet incomplete. There are several copyright notes 
remaining, from the myriad of different contributors in the xterm sources. 
Thomas Dickey, that is very intimate with the code, has approved a new 
version of the debian/copyright file that I will ship in the next release.

- The manpages keep ending in .1x.gz. I do not know if this is correct. David 
Nusinow is going to keep (as far as I know) that extension in 6.9 tree, but I 
am not against the change, now that we will follow FHS.

- XTerm #204 is not the latest version! I know, I know, it is #205, but when I 
began to work on it, it was, I swore. That is a minor problem.

- Oh, yes. My package is only compiled for i386. O:-)

        Please test it and report problems. I am specially interested in 
regression tests, i.e., things that worked before 204-0pre1.

        Note: this mail has a Reply-To header to debian-x@lists.debian.org, as 
I thought that it is better to keep the replies there (and to the fact that I 
do not read debian-devel).

        Best regards,

I am a married potato! I am a married potato!
                -- Mr. Potato (Toy Story 2).
Debian developer

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