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Re: ITP: g-wrap -- Scripting interface generator for C

Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> writes:

>> Does upstream actually say that? I've been talking with Derek Atkins
>> (warlord) on IRC, and from what I gathered, they are trying to use
>> G-Wrap 1.9, and mostly suceeding modulo a few buglets, all of which
>> should be fixed in the Debian packaging.
> Yes, certainly!  This is for the gnome-2 gnucash under development.
> Your work making that functional is definitely appreciated, very
> helpful, and important.
> I'm speaking now of the gnome-1 gnucash, the one that currently lives
> in Debian.
> That version, I want to make as few destabilizing changes as I can,
> because I don't have any interest in things which might end up
> distracting upstream from the gnome-2 version.
Ok, thanks for the clarification! Let's hope the G2 port will release
in time for etch ;).

Cheers, Rotty
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