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Re: Please have a look guys

On Wednesday 28 September 2005 17.36, you wrote:
> Please have a look at this guys.

[word document attached]

[silly disclaimer to finish it]

Please, do not post word documents on this list.  For several reasons:
 - we're reading email here.  Why should I need to start an additional 
application to read your document?
 - many people read mail over an ssh connection in a text-based mail 
program, and it's not easy for them to start openoffice or kword to read 
the word document.
 - .doc is a document format used by the MS Office application suite, which 
runs on MS Windows only.  It may surprise you, but many people who read 
this list do not use a Windows machine to do so.
 - The .doc document format has been repeatedly used to spread 
trojans/viruses in the past, and so many people will not open .doc 
documents from unknown people.

Finally:  the subject of your email and the introductory text do not give 
any information why we should be reading what you wrote.

The Debian project (or rather, the individual developers - most of them, in 
any case) usually welcome input in form of good ideas, constructive 
ciriticism, whatever.  But with more than 100 emails on this mailing list 
per day, you will need to make us *want* to read your text - usually, when 
I can't figure our what somebody is trying to tell me within the first 
three lines of text, I'll just ignore the email.

Oh, and:  using some disclaimer in legalese at the end of your email just 
makes you look stupid, it doesn't make anyone happy.

-- vbi

Wie man sein Kind nicht nennen sollte:
  Perry Ode

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