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Re: pbuilder status update


> > pbuilder is doing as usual; it's now switched over to
> > cdebootstrap and cdebootstrap has been working fine.
> >
> Not for me.
> I maintain my own small mirror by apt-move together with apt-zip because 
> I own a small modem line, but can download elsewhere.
> It wasn't able to use this mirror with pbuilder+cdebootstrap because 
> cdebootstrap will see Release.gpg and Packages.gpg files, that I 
> haven't generated (no need to do so yet).
> Is there any way to switch this off in cdebootstrap?

That's a wishlist for cdebootstrap; I guess.

It will probably soon be required to have the key checks
in pbuilder when I come around to adding those support to

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