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Re: libpng10(/2) gone, [gdk-]imlib1 and GNOME 1 going -- check yourpackages

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> writes:

> Thomas Bushnell wrote:
>>Do not delete packages just because you think nobody *should* use
>>them; delete them because nobody *does* use them.
> I am suggesting deleting them because nobody *can* use them.
> Unless libpng10 is brought back, none of these packages are usable.
> Are you volunteering to package and maintain libpng10?  If so, good
> for you!  If not, I believe that permanently uninstallable packages
> should be removed.

Sure.  Why was it removed??

> Now, the removal of libpng10 was probably premature, and I wouldn't
> have done it with so many packages still depending on it.  I would
> have orphaned it instead.  But it's been done now.  There are two
> ways to deal with that: put it back in the archive, or remove the
> things which depend on it.

So this is why I plead with the gnome maintainers not to delete
packages because they think they are obsolete.


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