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Re: Someone to take over XMTLV packages

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 06:48:39PM -0500, Kenneth Pronovici wrote:


> I maintain the Debian XMLTV packages.  I no longer use these packages,
> and I would like to give up maintaining them.

I use xmltv and I'd like to adopt it.

> I'm willing to stick around as a co-maintainer for a while if that would
> be useful.

That would be nice since I do maintain some debian packages but I'm not DD

> Anyone who wants to take these packages over should probably be willing
> to follow the upstream mailing lists

That's no problem.

> The new maintainer should also consider maintaining a backport to sarge
> like I have been doing

I don't see any problem in maintaing such a backport.

Best regards

Mathias Weyland

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