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Re: GNOME 1 discussion continues in d-g-g

ti, 2005-09-27 kello 05:14 -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG kirjoitti:
> And I'm saying that this is not sufficient, it needs to be here, on
> debian-devel, since it concerns more than just packages maintained by
> the debian-gtk-gnome team.

>From http://lists.debian.org/debian-gtk-gnome/:

        Packages using GTK+ and/or GNOME
        Discussion and coordination among maintainers of Debian's GTK+,
        GNOME and dependent or related packages.

It seems to me that the debian-gtk-gnome list is *exactly* the right one
for discussion about removal of GNOME 1. Burdening the general list with
discussions that are on-topic for the more specific list and irrelevant
to most readers seems to me to be suboptimal.

(Ideally, of course, if any decisions are made on the debian-gtk-gnome
list, they will be announced on debian-devel-announce so that everyone
is aware of them.)

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