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Re: planet.debian.org vs. blog illiteracy

On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 15:29 +0300, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> "Debian development issues" is a rather broad category. Should a travel
> report from Debconf be included? I think it should, yet it is not at all
> technical. Having a single "Debian development issues" feed is not going
> to work particularly well, I think.

I agree.  I'm not suggesting a single category will work, but merely
that having some agreed-upon category names would assist readers in
selecting from among them those that are Debian related.  However,
without a complete list of category names across all feeds at my
fingertips, it is hard to say how big this problem is (or if it indeed
even exists as I imagine it).

It seems step one would be to make the categories for all feeds visible
on planet.d.o.  Only after that is done will it make sense to discuss if
(and whether) the category names should be "normalized" to make it
easier for users to select those that interest them.

> I think it's a much better and easier solution to use the structure we
> already have: the existing mailing lists. Copy-pasting a web log entry
> to an e-mail shouldn't be too much of a bother, I rather think.

If it is so easy, why aren't bloggers doing this now?  There must be
some perceived value on the part of the bloggers to keeping limiting
their posts to their (presumably smaller? maybe that is a factor?)
blog-reading audience.


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