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Re: planet.debian.org vs. blog illiteracy

ma, 2005-09-26 kello 08:46 +0000, W. Borgert kirjoitti:
> I found out, that more and more important information about
> Debian development are on the planet.debian.org/.net website.
> I'm illiterate on "blogging", so please could someone tell me
> whether/how I can view this page in a "Debian only" mode?  E.g.
> without vacancy travel reports, personal opinions on all kind of
> political issues, or other private stuff?

I don't think there is a working way of reliably doing that. In theory,
most web logs can do "categories", but those are not being used
consistently, and they're also not really visible on planet.debian.org
in a way that lets them be processed automatically.

> (I would prefer to get all the technical information on
> debian-devel, but of course this is up to the posters.)

The situation with web logs is the same as with IRC, as far as I'm
concerned: it's a convenient format for certain kinds of things (much
more so than e-mail), and certainly useful, but all relevant information
must be sent to the mailing lists as well. If some people have a
conversation on IRC that affects other parties, they must inform those
parties, preferably via Debian mailing lists, so that everything is
recorded into our communal memory.

With IRC, I think this works fairly well. We can certainly improve on
the situation for web logs.

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