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Re: Failed to build openmotif for sparc (Was: Any reason why libmotif3vanished forSparc)

* Andreas Tille [Sun, 25 Sep 2005 15:55:57 +0200]:

> On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:

> >What makes you so sure it ever was there? I can't find any prove nor
> >trace of that.

> Well, it was just installed on my Sarge based sparc machine for a long
> time (even before Sarge was released) and I had nothing else than the
> Debian-Mirror in my sources.list and do not remember any fiddling around
> to get openmotif installed.  But I'm not completely sure ...

  But this does not mean it was ever part of stable, only that it was
  part of sarge while it was still testing... (IOW, removed before the
  release, it seems.)

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