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Re: localhost.localdomain

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 08:01:05PM +0200, Christoph Haas wrote:

> It appears like MySQL does that. It seems to check the IP address of the
> connecting client to find the permissions in it's internal `users`
> table. So it sees "" and looks up "localhost.localdomain" which
> it cannot find since it expects "localhost".

Well, I don't think it's MySQL that expects "localhost", it's more like
you have added users in the form of "user@localhost" instead of
"user@localhost.localdomain". These two forms are _not_ the same as far
as MySQL is concerned.

Ok, after a quick googling I found that this bug has already been
reported for MySQL: http://bugs.mysql.com/11822 and is fixed in MySQL
5.0.11. So if it bothers you, you should upgrade.

> > The latter is completely wrong. First, there is no such thing as
> > "myrealdomain". A machine may have multiple network interfaces, every
> > interface may have multiple addresses, every address resolving to a
> > different domain. You cannot even order them in any sensible way.
> Then you can hoepfully tell why "localhost.localdomain" is right. I don't
> see any references to "localdomain" in an RFC. So "localdomain" is no
> real domain either.

"localdomain" is not a registered top-level domain and hopefully never
will be, so it is safe to use locally as it won't cause communication
problems. On the other hand at least RFC1537 describes
"localhost.realdomain" as problematic and to be avoided (RFC1537 is
about DNS server configuration errors but the reason is valid for
/etc/hosts as well).


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