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Portreserve package alternative solution (was Re: Conflicting assignment of priviledged ports on boot)

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 04:54:56PM +0200, Gernot Salzer wrote:
> Well, the problem has been around since at least 2002, so I'd prefer to start
> doing something about it.

Ok, ok. Just for the sake of those being bitten by this bug I've made
portreserve packages and sent and ITP. Packages are currently available at

I'm ccing the bug submitters to have them test that solution and see if it
works for them. In any case, bugs might need to be merged and/or renamed to
wishlist once portreserve is available. All the steps on how to avoid this
issue using portreserve are described in the upstream README file and
Debian's README.Debian file in the package.

We also need to coordinate with other distros (such as Red Hat or SuSE).



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