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Re: /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/ --- Why ­­/etc ?

Le samedi 24 septembre 2005 à 05:46 -0400, Anthony DeRobertis a écrit :
> I have no clue what those dates mean. I suspect they are some
> auto-generated timestime ("mtime" would seem to imply that). Maybe of
> when the package was compiled. The "schema" field does not look like
> configuration, either. In short, these files don't seem to be
> configuration files at all. Some of these files apparently contain
> localizations, too. Once again, not configuration.

They actually *are* configuration files. You can edit them with
gconftool or gconf-editor.

> It produced nearly 70,000 lines of diff. That is quite frankly
> ridiculous. Maybe there is some configuration data in there *somewhere*,
> but I sure am not going to spend the time to read 70,000 lines to find them.
> Please, could someone tell me why these should not be in
> /usr/share/gconf? Otherwise, I propose a mass bug filing.

Mass bug filing when only one package is implicated and the other ones
are relying on it? This is ridiculous.

As many people already complained about the size
of /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults, the default settings are in the
process to be moved to /var/lib/gconf/defaults. All packages built with
debhelper >= are now going to do this automatically. When GNOME
2.12 is uploaded, most defaults will move automatically to this new
place. After that, we'll have to hunt down and rebuild all remaining
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