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Re: architecture-specific release criteria - requalification needed

On Thursday 22 September 2005 11.15, Debian-armeb Porting Team wrote:
> We are keeping patches[7] for the armeb port separate, and are ready to
> contribute them now, or at any future time that is more appropriate.
> Another chicken-and-egg - are package maintainers expected to accept
> patches for architectures that are not yet official?

What kind of patches are these?

 - general porting issues uncovered by armeb (and not uncovered on other 
bigendian arches for some reason):  I guess these should be immediately 
 - things like configure scripts etc.:  these are normally quite small and 
isolated, so I don't see a reason to not submit these.

So there remain (very few?) cases where the patch is bigger (for whatever 
reason) - these will probably need more discussion.

Even then:  it's your stated goal for armeb to become a regular Debian 
architecture, so having your patches in the bts is one step closer to the 
goal.  Obviously, some maintainers will not want to apply some of these 
patches, but a 'wontfix' bug doesn't hurt nobody...

-- vbi

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