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Re: Conflicting assignment of priviledged ports on boot

> why not request a fixed port for ypbind?

It is not ypbind that is broken but the service that hands out
the port numbers and that is called by ypbind (and by other
services). It just happens that most clashes occur in connection
with ypbind, due to its prominence and its place in the init sequence.

And modifying a library routine seems to be not so easy, see
Javier's post:
> Portmap cannot be modified like that, as it only maps ports used by 
> applications, the applications themselves call bindresvport. 
> So this change actually means changing the libc which the libc maintainer 
> is against, and for good reasons (more rationale on RH's Buzgilla: #103401
> and #154800).


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