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Re: [cl-debian] modifying home directories by maintainer scripts (was: Re: Bug#329347: common-lisp-controller: checking of permissions of the output directory)

On Wednesday 21 September 2005 15:49, René van Bevern wrote:

> > A lot of packages install stuff in the user directory.
> I doubt that any package does this.

1/pvaneynd@sharrow:~ :( $ grep '^/home/' /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list
1/pvaneynd@sharrow:~ :( $

None on my system.

> Not by packages or their scripts and not without user
> interaction. It's dangerous.

After thinking it over I do agree with this. I will resist any change to move 
the cache directory over to a location beneath /home unless there is a change 
in debian policy on this.

I am willing to provide hooks to permit a user to move the fasls to a location 
of choice.

I fear I did not have time yet to investigate cl-launch but I'll try to make 
some time for it.

Groetjes, Peter

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