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Re: architecture-specific release criteria - requalification needed

[Kalle Kivimaa]
> It's actually pretty easy. Count the number of posters that seem to
> disagree. If this number is over half of the current developer
> count, then yes, a majority of the developers are in
> opposition. What you _cannot_ do is say "because over 50% of the
> people participating in the discussion disagree with the proposal,
> over 50% of the developers disagree."

Counting and verifying that the number of participants in the
discussion was less then half the number of DDs will not really tell
us anything, as we can not reasonably claim anything about the meaning
of the silent majority.

There is no doubt that most of the debian developers did not
participate in the discussion.  This does not tell anything about
those not participating.  They could agree, disagree, or not care.

I suspect your retorical suggestion would lead you to conclude that
there only was a vocal minority protesting against the suggestion, but
it could equally well lead to the conclusion that there was a vocal
minority proposing this list of requirements.

It is probably safe to avoid drawing any conclusions based on these
criteria, and instead use ones own judgement when weighting the
arguments previosly presented in the way too long mailing list thread.

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