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Re: architecture-specific release criteria - requalification needed

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 03:19:16PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Ingo Juergensmann]
> > Although it was discussed several times, I have still no idea how those
> > users should be counted? 
> Two ideas.
>  - Get them to install popularity-contest.  This will make their
>    machine show up on popcon.debian.org, and we would assume there are
>    users of the given machine.  Not very accurate, as machines !=
>    individuals.  Easy to fool, but I believe we should assume people
>    are honest.

Well, I'm already running popcon on my two m68ks, but that doesn't say much
about how many users are using that machines, as you state yourself. ;)

>  - Set up a wiki page, and get people to put up their name and mail
>    address (perhaps slightly obfuscated to make it harder for address
>    harwesters), and count the number of names on the page.  When the
>    count is reached, send email to all the addresses asking them to
>    confirm that the list is correct.  Easy to fool, but I believe we
>    should assume people are honest.  If we start to suspect
>    non-existing people on the list, we can start asking for GPG
>    signatures.
> I would recommend the last option myself, but would like all m68k
> machines to report to popcon.debian.org too. :)

I'm already in the progress of setting up such a webpage... 
I think I can finish it this evening.

> > Is it intended that a user should mail debian-release to say "Hi!
> > I'm using port X!"? I doubt so.
> That is probably not necessary, yes. :)

... and can be faked easily, too. ;)

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