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Re: Debian Reference

Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, Sep 17, 2005 at 02:41:43PM +0100, Antony Gelberg wrote:

>>Before I get too involved however, can somebody give me a guide as to 
>>how the Reference is looked upon from within Debian?  
> In my honest opinion, most of the DD are busy with thier own packages,
> few took time to read DR in details, or at all,  to find minor issues
> which was caused by the migration of packages with time.  Besides, they
> have good post-installation skill, they do not need to learn from this.

I hear that.  But it feels like, support-wise, we are reaching a
critical mass.  I like spending time on #debian but would like it more
if there weren't thirty people a day wondering why they have broken
packages in unstable, or why their X server doesn't work, or why stable
doesn't contain KDE 3.4.

> If you want to get interest level on Documentation itself, you may want
> to read debian-doc archive. 

I did, then I decided that I'd had my fill of spam for the day.  *grin*

>>It seems to me that it is the closest thing that we have to a distro
>>manual, and contains lots of useful pointers, but suffers from lack of
>>visibility and lack of structure.
> Your observation is somewhat correct.  I think user oriented
> distribution manual is collection of documents now.  See list on
> http://www.debian.org/doc .

I am well aware of that URL, and it's not ideal.  Lots of things spread
about and out of date.  And a Progeny manual to boot.  The best *cough*
thing I found was the Debian Dictionary.  That needs removal.

> I have few suggestions and comment.
>  * please check out archive of debian-doc mailing list.
>  * please think ways to improve this situation as a volunteer project.
>    (i.e., few has time to work on issues you think is the most important
>    and they have their own priorities.  You can dictate only your time
>    and efforts.)

I raised 325655 a couple of weeks ago, but that is more related to
getting new users directed _to_ the docs, rather than the actual content
within.  It's amazing how many don't even know that the reference
exists.  As you allude to above, you and I both know it's there, and
we're the ones who need it least.  There are _too many_ options and not
enough clarity in www.debian.org/doc.  I will focus on the Reference for
now but hope that the web team will look at this when they can.

>  * Please bring live duck to us.  It is easy to complain but providing
>    something positive with minimal efforts of the others requires a
>    lot of time and efforts of yours.  Here are my wishlist:
>      - Be kind to the people who contributed their time to the project.
>      - Report bug with a patch to SGML source.
>      - Think translation syncing (I need patch for all languages to update)
>      - Keeping CVS and web up in shape.
>      - Help ensure functioning TeTeX international build environment 
>        in pbuilder
>      - Help SGML(traditiional encodings) to XML(UTF-8) transition efforts.
>      ...

There's rather a lot there.  I'll start with a patch for Chapter 2 to
see if we are on the same wavelength.  We need to restructure it before
we can improve the content.


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