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Apologies for RE: arabic not appearing on emacs-bidi on kde 3.2.3 suse

My apologies to all.  I am new to Linux and didn't realize that a program on
Debian is different than on Suse, and I think I only E-mailed it here
because of some previous discussion about it I read on the archives or

Also, I don't remember sending to the list before this, though I did try to
send to the Mr. Negm in the cc, and it was bounced back to me.  Maybe I
didn't realize it but sent it here as well.

I'm very sorry for any troubles.  Please accept my apologies.

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Subject: Re: arabic not appearing on emacs-bidi on kde 3.2.3 suse

On Sat, Sep 17, 2005 at 05:25:14PM +0300, Talal Al-Azem wrote:
> Hello.  I have recently installed emacs-bidi on suse 9.1, kde 3.2.3.  I

You've already asked that question here a few days ago, and have already
gotten the answer that Debian is _not_ SuSE. If you have questions about
suse, please ask in a SuSE support forum rather than on the Debian
development mailinglist.

Pretty please.

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