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Re: Bug#254248: What are the differences between cdebootstrap and debootstrap?

Scripsit Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br>

> I was a bit surprised to see a bug like 254248 being tagged as won't
> fix.

There are other strange wontfix tags for cdebootstrap, including a
handful of quite reasonably looking translation updates.

Significantly, all of those wontfix tags were added without *any*
comment or *any* attempt of an explanation of why the maintainer
opposes their being fixed.

I think this counts as abuse of the wontfix tag. Setting the tag is
*never* a substitute for explaining (or referencing an explanation of)
why one thinks the problem should not be solved.

In cases where a bug report is so obviously bogus that no explanation
for ignoring it is needed at all, it should be closed instead of
having a wontfix tag silently slapped on. But this is evidently not
the case for the wontfix-tagged bugs on cdebootstrap.

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