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xshogi: menu question and arm build problem

I'm interested in becoming a Debian developer.  I'd like to work on
gnushogi as an initial package, and I have set an ITA on it.  Gnushogi
doesn't have any bugs filed against it, but I have the following

Gnushogi generates the binary package xshogi, a simulation of Shogi,
a Japanese game similar to european chess.  The traditional pieces
are marked with Kanji, Japanese language ideograms.  The program has
an option to use a slightly more western style symbols.  The menu
entry currently set up for Xshogi runs the program with Japanese
symbols.  I think it would be nice to have two menu options, one to
invoke the program as now labelled "Xshogi (Kanji)" and another menu
item "xshogi (western)" with the non-Kanji symbols.  Is this a
reasonable thing to do?  

Secondly, there's no bug filed, but the package tracking system pages
lists that the package hasn't gone into testing because it seems that
there's a build error on "arm" architecture.  One of the files
generates the following error:

pattern.c:506: fatal error: internal consistency failure

First of all, does this mean that the package isn't being pushed out
on _any_ architecture because of this one failure?  If that's true, in
the absense of any ability to reproduce this error, is it a reasonable
short-term work-around to disable building the package for arm until
the error can be weeded out?  

Thanks for any advice.  Sincerely,

Craig Steffen

public key available at http://www.craigsteffen.net/GPG/
current goal: use a CueCat scanner to inventory my books
career goal: be the first Vorlon Time Lord

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