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Re: xshogi: menu question and arm build problem

Re: Craig P. Steffen in <[🔎] 20050911143240.GA16231@craigsteffen.net>
> Gnushogi generates the binary package xshogi, a simulation of Shogi,
> a Japanese game similar to european chess.  The traditional pieces
> are marked with Kanji, Japanese language ideograms.  The program has
> an option to use a slightly more western style symbols.  The menu
> entry currently set up for Xshogi runs the program with Japanese
> symbols.  I think it would be nice to have two menu options, one to
> invoke the program as now labelled "Xshogi (Kanji)" and another menu
> item "xshogi (western)" with the non-Kanji symbols.  Is this a
> reasonable thing to do?  

Can the setting changed from within the program or from a config file?
If not, does it make sense to provide both alternatives? If yes, just
provide two menu entries.

> Secondly, there's no bug filed, but the package tracking system pages
> lists that the package hasn't gone into testing because it seems that
> there's a build error on "arm" architecture.  One of the files
> generates the following error:
> pattern.c:506: fatal error: internal consistency failure

This sounds like an internal compiler error. The build log isn't that
old yet, I'd wait for the buildd maintainer to review it, he will
probably re-schedule gnushogi for rebuild. Otherwise, the package will
get an FTBFS bug filed.

> First of all, does this mean that the package isn't being pushed out
> on _any_ architecture because of this one failure?  If that's true, in
> the absense of any ability to reproduce this error, is it a reasonable
> short-term work-around to disable building the package for arm until
> the error can be weeded out?  

Yes, it means that the package won't go into testing at all. No, there
is no way to circumvent that except for getting it to build on arm.
Either wait (preferably), or find someone that builds it on arm for


PS: debian-mentors might have been more approriate.
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