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Re: CDDL, OpenSolaris, Choice-of-venue and the star package ...

md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) wrote:
> [...] Even if in the last two years it has become
> popular among some debian-legal@ contributors while the rest of the
> project was not looking [...]

Yes, the debian-legal cabal has been working in secret on its
public mailing list and has devised a plot to overthrow debian,
with no contributors who are DDs or discuss things with DDs!

They are zealous, irrational and unreasonable, removing packages
from the archive by force whenever and whereever they please,
allowing no time to fix even the smallest licence bug!

Not only that, but they molest cats and eat babies!

Think of the children! Protect apple pie! Vote marco 1!

Blasted troll, hiding in a longer email.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery,
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