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email error message from d.o may be better


I sent an email to debian-68k@debian.org instead of 
debian-68k@lists.debian.org ; the error message that I got
was strange (in particular, the two lines 
  procmail: Error while writing to "DeadLog"
  procmail: Error while writing to "/var/mail/debian"
look as if there is a misconfiguration somewhere );
moreover, it would be better if the error was akin to
"no such user".

Hope someone may find some time to look into it
(altoh I ack that it is a minor minor problem)

(btw, I do not know if this list is the best place to report
this - any suggestions on where I should report this?)


----- Forwarded message from Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon@master.debian.org> -----

From: Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon@master.debian.org>
To: debdev@tonelli.sns.it
Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software (Exim).

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

  pipe to |/usr/bin/procmail -p .procmail/rc.split
    generated by debian-68k@debian.org
    Child process of address_pipe transport returned 73 (could mean can't create output file) from command:

The following text was generated during the delivery attempt:

------ pipe to |/usr/bin/procmail -p .procmail/rc.split
       generated by debian-68k@debian.org ------

procmail: Error while writing to "DeadLog"
procmail: Error while writing to "/var/mail/debian"

------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------

Received: from cibs10.sns.it (reed.sns.it) [] 
	by master.debian.org with esmtp (Exim 3.35 1 (Debian))
	id 1E6pjV-00024M-00; Sun, 21 Aug 2005 08:19:29 -0500
Received: from [] (helo=sns.it)
	by reed.sns.it with esmtp (Exim 3.35 #1 (Debian))
	id 1E6pkn-0006wk-00
	for <debian-68k@debian.org>; Sun, 21 Aug 2005 15:20:49 +0200
X-Virus-Scanned: by cgpav
Received: from [] (HELO tonelli)
  by sns.it (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 4.1.8)
  with ESMTP id 36570565 for debian-68k@debian.org; Sun, 21 Aug 2005 15:21:04 +0200
Received: by tonelli (Postfix, from userid 1013)
	id 1EA0D176C1; Sun, 21 Aug 2005 15:19:28 +0200 (CEST)
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 15:19:28 +0200
To: debian-68k@debian.org
Subject:  zope2.7 failed to build
Message-ID: <20050821131928.GA12306@tonelli.sns.it>
Reply-To: mennucc1@debian.org
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Disposition: inline
User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.9i

----- End forwarded message -----

Andrea Mennucc
 "Ukn ow,Ifina llyfixe dmysp acebar.ohwh atthef"

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