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Re: Spam on this list

Scripsit "Allyn, MarkX A" <markx.a.allyn@intel.com>

> I have been noticing (and a bit irritated) at the spam I am seeing
> on this and some other email lists. The latest was a bit offensive
> for me in my work environment.

I find these recurring threads slightly surreal. I think that
lists.d.o does a excellent job of filtering spam; my own (anecdotal,
non-scientific) experience is that I spend more time reading
discussions about how to spamfilter l.d.o better than I spend
ignoring spam on the lists.

Given that I *don't* do any local filtering of incoming list mail, I'm
rather puzzled...

Henning Makholm                           "... a specialist in the breakaway
                           oxidation phenomena of certain nuclear reactors."

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