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Re: dpkg -L dpkg-query -L do not find all the files from a package

On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 11:18:01PM -0400, Angelina Carlton wrote:
> I was told on #debian-devel that, yes it is in-precise, so I am just
> wondering why would it *not* list all the files? What defines if a file
> is included or excluded from this list.

A quick look through the dpkg source will tell you, but it is
precise for certain definitions of "all files". Specifically, -L
will show you all files contained (archived) within the package, but
not files created by post-install scripts, by the installed
applications themselves, et cetera. In short, there is no way for
dpkg to know if a script or application within the package will
spawn additional files, and it is the duty of the package maintainer
to clean these up on removing/purging the package (generally in
per/post-remove scripts). Hope that helps...
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