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dpkg -L dpkg-query -L do not find all the files from a package

I am not sure if this is a bug, and oversight or by design but dpkg -L
<package> or dpk-query -L <package> do not always list every single file
the package installs. 

I was told on #debian-devel that, yes it is in-precise, so I am just
wondering why would it *not* list all the files? What defines if a file
is included or excluded from this list.

I am asking because this list is extremely useful for scripts or tools
one might develop, but cannot be considered reliable in the least
because of this (IMO) shortcoming.

If it is by design, then forgive me, I am probably trying to use dpkg
outside of what it was designed for. Is there another definitive method
that I should use?

just curious..
-----Angelina Carlton-----
orchid on irc.freenode.net

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