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Benjamin Seidenberg wrote:
> I wonder if it would be possible to appeal to google to have them
> manually edit that search so that l.d.o doesn't appear. (Same for
> [replaced with "string instrument" to avoid another google hit]'s)

What I think I would rather see is targeted moderation of anything
that matched either of those two things.  That would keep them out of
the mailing lists and _eventually_ one would think the page rank would
decrease to the old archives.  Of course that would take someone to do
the work of moderating that particular pattern match.  And at least
someone will contrive an example that matches but is otherwise valid
and complain about it.

Perhaps we should call upon everyone who reads Debian lists to, as
their sacred duty, blog somewhere at least three hits to the upstream
sites as a way to artifically promote them higher?  :-/  (sarcasm)


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