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Re: glibc and PaX issue

* Grzegorz Bizon <verdan@pirx.int.pl>:

> I have few question about PaX from grsecurity and glibc in Debian.
> I have etch, with kernel 2.4.28-grsec (compiled by myself) on my
> machine, and I recently ugraded glibc to 2.3.5-6.
> Suddenly few applications gone insane ;P

Welcome to the club :(

> I tried to google but I didn't find nothing interesting. I think it's
> problem with glibc and PaX from grsecurity patch. 

I fell back to a non-grsec-Kernel.

> Installation of ,,fixed packages''[2] soloved this issue. But in my
> opinion better solution is fixing it in Debian :P. It is of course
> possible that I'm wrong and I've missed something (again ...) so,
> please, can somebody explain my what happened ?

I also tinkered with chpax and the like, but couldn't get anything
operational again.

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