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Re: an idea for patch of the /etc/init.d/rc script

Andreas Fester wrote:

> Hi,
> you might have a look at
> http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-initng/
> http://initng.thinktux.net/index.php/Main_Page
> Its still in experimental state, but IMHO basically does what
> you want.
> Best Regards,
>     Andreas
> Delian Delchev wrote:
> [...]
>> The advantage is that the boot procedure goes real faster. In my case
>> it goes from 30 seconds to less than 10. The only disadvantage is
>> that error messages in some cases goes out of order. But I believe it
>> is fixable. That was a problem (a little, but existing) in the
>> previous boot system too. That patch works fine for me, and I hope it
>> will be included in the unstable distribution. Can somebody says an
>> opinion and what I have to do, to publish that patch?
That is very interesting. I have look on it. I wanted to install it on
my debian, but I can not find a debian package with it. Also I can't
open alioth.debian.org for some reason (connectivity problems in
Sprintlink). So i try to read the documentation and I can not see how
the problem with the compatibility of the RC scripts is resolved. The
current init + rc scripts directory system is almost the same on every
Linux and XPG95 compatible Unix. That makes installing of redhat scripts
thru alien not so hard.

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