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Re: an idea for patch of the /etc/init.d/rc script

[Delian Delchev]
> I'm very new to debian development, but I'm old debian fan. I don't
> know is that the right list for suggestions because I'm really
> new. Please somebody to read that mail and to show me the right way
> :)

I'm working on similar things.  My approach is to add dependency
information about the init.d scripts, and then reorganize the scripts
to start in dependency order, with the scripts with the same 'order'
started at the same time.  This work quite well, but there are a lot
of dependencies missing.

This topic is being discussed on the initscripts-ng-devel mailing
list.  You should check out the mailing list archive, and join us

At least three different approaches are being discussed there.

 (1) replace init and init.d scripts with a new and improved

 (2) update the current init.d scripts with dependencies, and modify
     the scripts calling them to start things in parallel

 (3) tell the kernel to load the page cache with the files needed at
     boot time, before the files are needed (readahead)

All of these have some merit.  I've wroked most on the second
approach, and it is very similar to yours.  The insserv package
contain the dependencies I've been able to find so far, and it is
capable of reordering the boot scripts based on this dependency
information.  It is also capable of rendering the machine unbootable
if somethings go wrong, so use with care and read the instructions in
README.Debian before even thinking about using it.

> That patch works fine for me, and I hope it will be included in the
> unstable distribution. Can somebody says an opinion and what I have
> to do, to publish that patch?

Join us on the initscripts-ng-devel mailing list, clean up the patch
and make it a configure option to use it, and submit a patch against
sysv-rc to get it included.  Your patch is similar to my patch already
posted on the initscripts-ng-devel mailing list.

And help me to get all packages with init.d scripts to document their
dependencies.  I recommend using the LSB format, as it is a simple
format to parse, covers our needs, and is an open standard format and
not something home-made. :)

See <URL:http://wiki.debian.net/?LSBInitScripts> for more info on this

You also want to check out the bootchart package if you are going to
work on the boot sequence in debian. <URL:http://www.bootchart.org/>

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