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Re: long long support on all archs?

* Lars Wirzenius:

> ke, 2005-08-31 kello 15:28 +0200, Florian Weimer kirjoitti:
>> <stdint.h> is a recent invention
> Where "recent" means "six years old". :) <stdint.h> was included in the
> 1999 version of the C standard.

And it wasn't really backed by real-world implementations at that time

> Personally, I think this is a bit silly. We should be able to use new
> stuff faster than that. Especially for something like int64_t, which
> can, if necessary, be provided using suitable autotools magic.

We can use whatever we want because we have our own toolchain which we
control.  Some upstream developers have to deal with old Solaris
installations, though.  We might want to show at least some restraint
to facility backporting, too.

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