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mesag3 <-> xlibmesa-gl / libgl1-mesa-dri <-> xlibmesa-dri / libglu1-mesa <-> libglu1-xorg

Hi all,

It seems that mesa (6.3.2) as well as xorg (6.8.2) both provide a GL/GLU
implemetation. IIRC the xorg GL/GLU code is based on (older) mesa code.
Why this duplication of code and which of this two implementations is
the preferred one? Could I replace the xorg packages with the mesa
packages without ill effects resp. without loss of functionality?
I noticed that Ubuntu renamed mesag3->libglu1-mesa and
xlibmesa-gl->libgl1-xorg. Is this an attempt to smooth the transition
from the xorg packages to the mesa ones and in the course of the X
modularisation to get completely rid of the GL/GLU code in xorg (and the
libgl*-xorg packages) and use mesa directly as an external library?
If there is such a transition how will it take place?

Could someone with a deeper insight enlighten me?

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