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Re: arch, svn, cvs

On 8/31/05, George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> wrote:
> > How does git aide you in identifying the differences in changes
> > between two trees?

George's got it right. In practice, I normally use gitk --all, or use
cogito thus:

   cg-log -r onebranch:otherbranch 
   cg-diff -r onebranch:otherbranch

Another interesting trick is that you can use git-format-script
onebranch otherbranch and it'll export each patch as an email
(separate files or mbox file) with commit msg and diff. Nothing
earth-shattering, but quite useful.

When you send these, and they get applied, git internals recognize it.
If it was changed when it was being applied, it'll conflict as you'd



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