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Re: Any reason why libmotif3 vanished for Sparc

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Andreas Metzler wrote:

I know that it was there formerly because I once got it without any extra
lines in my sources.list file.  Now the Sparc port can be found at


This is a version with security issues.

Thanks for the hint.

libmotif3 is non-free and not-autobuilt, it requires somebody with

I'm aware of this and I could offer building the package on my Sparc machine,
but ...

access to a sparc machine to build it manually. Sadly this seems to be
made difficult by a FTBFS on sparc, http://bugs.debian.org/323798

... I'm not skilled enough to fix this. :-(

(I put debian-sparc in CC - perhaps this increases the audience.)

Kind regards



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