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Re: Version tracking in the BTS

On Monday 29 August 2005 20:31, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> [2005.08.29.2022 +0200]:
> These classes reflect the tags on the bugs therein.
>   "Patched"
>   "More information needed"
>   "Will not fix"
>   ...

Hmm. IMO listing bugs without those tags as "Unclassified" is confusing, 
especially with the emphasis that is now put on it. It implies that 
action is required where I think that is not always the case.

Also I don't think that "Patched" as a description for tag 'patch' is 
correct. The bug has not been patched, there just is a _proposed_ patch 
available. There is no certainty that the patch is either correct or will 
be accepted by the maintainer.
I would sooner accept a description of "Patched" for 'pending'.

What do others think of the new, extended subdivision of bugs?
Personally I don't see enough difference in status between "unclassified" 
and "moreinfo" to warrant separating them.

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