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Re: making developer location from ldap public?

Robert Lemmen <robertle@semistable.com> writes:

> db.debian.org contains (optional) fields for the location of each
> developer, an information which currently is only used to generate
> edwards's fancy maps. there are other potential uses for this, like 
> making it possible to find fellow debian developers at some place that 
> you are going to for business or a vacation, and inviting them to a 
> drink and some keysigning. imho this would be pretty cool, but brings 
> with it a small problem: it would in effect make that information 
> public, in the moment it is only accessible to debian developers. 

I don't understand why making it possible to find fellow Debian
Developers this way should in effect make the information public.

Why not simply hide it behind the password screen?

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