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making developer location from ldap public?

hi everyone,

db.debian.org contains (optional) fields for the location of each
developer, an information which currently is only used to generate
edwards's fancy maps. there are other potential uses for this, like 
making it possible to find fellow debian developers at some place that 
you are going to for business or a vacation, and inviting them to a 
drink and some keysigning. imho this would be pretty cool, but brings 
with it a small problem: it would in effect make that information 
public, in the moment it is only accessible to debian developers. 

therefore i would like to what you would prefer, especially if you are
opposed to making that information public. the general options are:

1. just make it public (after a warning period), anybody who doesn't 
   want that can delete his information from the database. my preferred
2. make it public, but reduce the resolution so that it's difficult to
   really find the person. not really usefull imho

3. extend the database to contain a new field that states whether the
   information should be public, public at reduced resolution or hidden
   from the public. this requires a change to the database which only
   few people can do, so i would prefer not

so, please let me know what you think!   

Robert Lemmen                               http://www.semistable.com 

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