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Re: Closing bugs in BTS

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 12:25:08AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> > Moreover I wonder if when closing via mail should I write in
> > Changelog sth like: this upload fixes bug number 1234567 in
> > testing and unstable which has been closed via mail, and add tag
> > sarge to bug that remain opened in &dist=stable ?
> No, the sarge tag is deprecated.

None of the Debian bug documentation says so and neither did Colin 
in his mail, he explicitly said:

>>>The meaning of the distribution-specific tags (woody, sarge, and so on)
has changed. We now have a good mechanism to say "this bug has been
fixed since sarge was released", so there's no longer any need to have a
tag for that. However, it's still useful to have a tag to mark bugs that
you're planning to fix in, say, a stable point release. So, for
instance, the sarge tag now means "don't archive this bug until it has
been fixed in a version in sarge".<<<<

Actually, IMHO it would be cool if the BTS would, when receiving a,
'tag ### sarge' to any package generate automatically add a
'found ###  <version_in_sarge>'. Similarly for etch.

Reasoning behind is that when a bug is closed in the BTS through an upload,
the new system marks it as found in the version it was reported to
to the version it was closed in.

Consider this:

- Package A is uploaded version 2, with an RC bug
- Package A moves to testing
- Package A is uploaded with version 3, with the same bug
- Somebody notifies the RC bug to package A (stating 'version: 3'),
  and tags it 'testing'.
- The maintainer closes the bug in version 4

As a consequence: the bug is present in testing but is not flagged
as such. So the maintainer needs to 'found ### 2' statement to control
even though the bug is tagged 'testing' already. That's why I think
it would be cool if there would be a way when submitting bugs to 
specify multiple versions or, simply, to have a 'testing' or 'stable'
tag, when applied have the BTS generate a 'found ### <testing|stable_version>'

If there is already a way to submit bugs to the BTS specifing multiple
versions (not using the distibution tag) then maybe it should be documented
better because I have not found it. At least not in
http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting.en.html (which tells people to use
a single version number).



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