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Closing bugs in BTS

Hi there !

I was just wondering about few issues in BTS after recent changes - 
how to close bugs in apropriate way.

Maintainer uploads fixed package into unstable and closes bug in
Changelog, after few days corrected package enters testing, depending on
urgency.  Granted that reported bug wasn't so important to justify
upload do stable-proposed-updates, it still exists in stable.

In recent announce about changes in BTS (Subject: BTS version tracking
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 12:06:29 +0100) is described how to use new
versioning system. I'm not sure if sending mail to bug.no-done@b.d.o is
now prefered way to closing bug rather than closing it in Changelog ?
(I conclude that it is not possible to close bug for specific version,
in testing, unstable and allow to remain opened in stable closing via
Changelog, am I right ?).
Moreover I wonder if when closing via mail should I write in Changelog
sth like: this upload fixes bug number 1234567 in testing and
unstable which has been closed via mail, and add tag sarge to bug that
remain opened in &dist=stable ?

Next issue I wanted to discuss is information on the page generated by
BTS. For example: Dimitri Puzin has reported bug in specter (thanks !)
I'm currently maintaning. Both specter versions are affected
(1.3+1.4pre2-2  -> stable, 1.4-1 -> testing, unstable). On the page
generated by BTS -
we can find specter version that bug was filled against.
But strange thing is that:


show same version, 1.4-1 is missing in the list. It's a bit confusing.
In my opinion it may lead to misunderstandings :/. Do You know what I
mean ?

What do You think about that? Maybe there is something I've passed over?

Thanks in advance for answering my mail and sorry for taking Your time
if I really omitted some part of documentation or so !

Best regards,
 Grzegorz ,,Verdan'' Bizon

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