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Re: Results of the meeting in Helsinki about the Vancouver proposal


Manoj Srivastava [2005-08-22  7:58 -0500]:
>         The end goal is not just to have packages built on the
>  buildd -- and important goal for Debian, certainly, but not the only
>  one we have. As promoters of free software, we also are committed to
>  have packages build for our users, in a "real" environment, not just
>  a sterile, controlled. artificial "debian specific test"
>  environment. 

But it is exactly the derivations from the canonical standard system
on a buildd that has the potential to break stuff for users (wrong
shlib dependencies, different toolchain, etc.).

Why we deprive the majority (i386) of our users the privilege of
getting known good packages? (Since the majority of DDs does binary
uploads for i386 as well)?



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