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Re: vancouver revisited

> > How do you boot to a system to run debian-installer when there is no
> > bios or bootloader on the system yet?
> Just take a look at the existing Debian ports, and you see that it's ok
> to use a bios that's part of the hardware.
> > Should debian-installer support
> > installing via JTAG? What happens on many embedded systems, 
> > debianish system is debootstrapped on a different machine and put into 
> > jffs2 image,  which is then flashed to a pile of devices. Walking 
> > through d-i every time would be very clumsy, so there is no use
> > for a working installer for those systems.
> Do we speak about ports to architectures or machines? If the sole
> purpose is to be able to flash some embedded device, frankly speaking I
> doubt that we need to host any *.deb-files on the ftp mirror network.

That's all besides the point. The point is that there are a lot of other
ways to install debian besides booting from installer media and running
d-i, like flashing a premade image using JTAG, which count as much as
being a 'debian installer' then running d-i.


Peter (p2).

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