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Team have veto rights, because they can just refuse the work anyway? (Was: Results of the meeting in Helsinki about the Vancouver proposal)

[Wouter Verhelst]
>    b) the three beforementioned teams could already refuse to
>    support a port anyhow, simply by not doing the work.

This is not really a valid argument.  If a team in debian refuses to
accept decisions made by a majority of debian developers, or rejects
democratic control, this team will just have to be replaced by the DPL.

The fact that some team in debian are able to refuse democratic
control in the short term do not mean that their refusal should be
accepted, nor be allowed to block the will of the majority of the
project.  No-one in Debian are irreplacable, so I am sure we can find
good people to take over if such team should ever appear in debian.  I
trust us all to behave with reason, so we never end up in a situation
where we need to test such hostile replacement.

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