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Re: arch, svn, cvs

Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de> writes:

> It's completely unfounded bullshit.  

Do you have a specific complaint?  Or is every single sentence in that
post "unfounded bullshit"?

> Whether you prefer a pyramid or lots of commiters style organization
> is pretty much a personal or rather community organizational issue.

Yes, and Greg is saying that a pyramidal structure doesn't work well,
and that bitkeeper doesn't really have many advantages unless you are
using a pyramidal structure.

> Both have their up- and downsides.  All the actual arguments he
> presents are totally unfounded, 

All of them?  Really?  ALL of them?  You're speaking about someone
with considerable expertise in release management, you know...

> abd besides that bitkeeper as the
> specific SCM he mentions supports multiple commiters style
> development just fine - for bkbits.net projects for example you can
> add multiple ssh keys and thus let different people push to the same
> repository.

It's as if you didn't bother reading what he wrote, like where he
says, "Of course, Bitkeeper can still work with centralized project


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