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Re: version numbering

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> writes:

> also sprach Lars Bahner <bahner@debian.org> [2005.08.18.2346 +0200]:
>> Please CC: me as I am not on this list!
> Please consider setting Mail-Followup-To accordingly.
>> Upstream names the betas for as - as you no
>> doubt already guessed.
> This is why we now have the ~ operator.
>> So now that there is no beta-versioning, the installer sees this
>> as a lower number. I could of cource number the package as
>> or, but I was wondering what The Right
>> Thing To Do would be.
> I think you have to resort to an epoch. Using seems
> okay to me too. I don't think there is a Right Way.

Please don't use an epoch. You can never get rid of it. A can be replaced by and then the uglyness is


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