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Re: dpkg package descriptions and operation of apt and dselect

"rj-cole" <richard.j.cole@gmail.com> writes:
> 2. Looking at my system (visible in the status file) I see that I have
> installed gs-common 0.3.7, and gs-gpl 8.01-5, now gs-common conflicts
> with 'gs (<< 6.51)' but gs-gpl provides gs. So my question is: does an
> expression 'gs (<< 6.51)' include the virtual package gs? So far I have
> been modelling that the virtual package gs has an empty version which
> comes before any other version, but that would see an expression like
> 'gs (<< 6.51)' match a package 'gs'. What about if a package depends on
> 'gs (<< 6.51)' would that be satisfied by a package that provided gs?

Versioned Dependencies on (and Conflicts against) virtual packages are
not supported. This means that only *real* packages (the package with
the name gs, in this case) are considered.

> 3. Has anyone tried to formally describe package dependencies in in
> debian and the rules under which a package may or may not be installed?

Errr, the formal description is the dpkg source.

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