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sponsors.debian.net beta

Lo all,

http://sponsors.debian.net is now around 90% finished, so I'm looking
for people to try and break it :)

= So, what's this all about then? =
Well, a while ago there was a great site that allowed sponsorees to request a
sponsor, and a sponsor to take a sponsoree under their wing. It was not
intended to last for years and to grow to such a size, and so died an untimely
death. This site will (hopefully) replace it.

= What this isn't =
This is NOT a relacement for the Debian Mentors tools (mailing list, irc
channel and repository). It's merely here to compliment these projects.

= Current Features =
* Auto update of done ITPs
* Auto detection of ITPs by people who require sponsorship
* Email submitter when a sponsor takes a package

= Planned features=

* Auto mailing to debian-mentors@lists.debian.org with a summary of this
  weeks changes (a la rc bugs stylee)
* Sync with mentors.debian.net for automatically detecting sources

So, please pop along and register.

All the best,
Neil McGovern
 .Ž  `. neilm@debian.org
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 `. `Ž  gpg: B345BDD3
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