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Re: agentcell.org 1.0 GPL'd & released today

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Jeff Carr wrote:

It was in the subject: agentcell.org
You probably have not yet read my "Sorry about the noise" mail. ;-)

Or if you want to see what it is capable of here is 110MB movie:
I just noticed that this project is interesting for the Debian-Med project
especially the biological part:


If you are interested in these project you probably should join the
debian-med mailing list (as described on the main Debian-Med project page).

Filing a RFP (Request For Packaging) would be the normal way to ask for

Didn't know that; Google search revealed a thread on June 5th that
mentions maybe submitting RFP BUG's isn't really productive as there are
+1000 of them.
I guess you would like to learn a little bit more about Debian.  :)
Yes, there are more of 1000 packages which people asked for packaging.
But there are surely more than 1000000 (wild guess - I did not checked)
mails in debian-devel archive.  Do you think your mail will be noticed
better by people who are seeking for a packaging task?



I explained
    "How to ask for packages which are not yet included"
especially for the field of Custom Debian Distributions (Debian-Med is
one of these).  It makes no sense to drift away from this procedure and
expect that your chances become higher.  Your chances become *definitely*
higher if you do the actual packaging work yourself and ask a Debian
developer for sponsoring your work.  I do this for several packages in
the medical (and microbiological) field and this works for several people.

Debian is about *doing* something, not about waiting until things will
be done by somebody.  You must respect that every Debian developer is
normally busy in doing something and nobody is sitting there roling his
thumbs waiting for a random program for packaging.  That's why you have
to make people keen on packaging it by providing as much interesting
information as possible.  By filing an RFC bug you are providing the
most vital information like URL, license and description (and by doing
this taking some work from the back of a potential packager).

Is there a place a non-registered developer can contribute/upload
sources with correct debian/ directories for other developers to look
at? If there was I would try to do the legwork to get it packageable.
This is a great intent - and the best way to go as I wrote above!
We love users like you.

The canonical reference for this is


In your special case I would like to invite you again to subscribe to
the Debian-Med mailing list.  I also forewarded my short analysis about
AgentCell packaging to this mailing list and I would like to move this
thread to this location (that's why the cross-posting).  For general
packages you can always ask on debian-mentors for sponsoring.  But
in your case I would volunteer to support your work personally (which
means you do not have to find a sponsor).

If you have done something just send me an URL to your *.orig.tar.gz,
*.diff.gz and *.dsc and I will have a look on this.  But please read
my other mails to this thread first.  It is not really a project for
beginners in packaging.

Kind regards and thanks for notifying us about this interesting project



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