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Re: agentcell.org 1.0 GPL'd & released today

[I would like to move this thread to Debian-Med list for further discussion
 because this package seems relevant to this list]

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Jeff Carr wrote:

I hope a developer out there with access to commit packages can take the
initiative to package up agentcell. The authors settled on releasing
this software package under the GPL. It's a great contribution to the
scientific community.
Some thoughts about this issue:



  AgentCell is built on top of Repast (http://repast.sourceforge.net/)

This means we would at first have to care for Repast which uses either
Java (probably the non-free flavour) or .NET (nothing said about Mono).
It has a BSD license.

Moreover the web page refers to

  StochSim 1.4.1 is a modification of StochSim 1.4

which mentiones GPL license in a probably related file in the download
directory.  The rleation between versions 1.4 and 1.4.1 should be clarified.

So we have to package three projects (repast, stochsim and finally agentcell)
which will most probably cuase the usual Java trouble with non-free dependencies.
So this is a quite interesting task for brave people.  We should at least
mention this project on our web page (Alexis, Tobias?) to notify that it is in
our focus.

Kind regards and thanks to Jeff for the hint



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